Our mission

While online dating has been around now for quite a while, there has been a long pending need of revolutionizing the way online dating platform works for you. Presenting redcake.co, a unique platform focused on individual growth and wellbeing with Qualité dating.


Qualité Dating

Qualité Dating is the new era of dating focused on your personal wellbeing. With an elite community and a network of experts, we have created an edtech-like platform that will help you redefine the idea of dating, and nudge you to the path of Qualité dating.

Mock Dates

Mock dates are integral to the concept of Qualité dating. With a setup similar to virtual blind dates, mock dates are a way to help you learn and unlearn all the limiting notions of traditional dating and step up for this era of modern dating.

Alpha Sessions

Personally curated sessions with our experts to help you fine-tune skills and step up for Qualité Dating.

Qualité matchmakings

Tired of swiping around hundreds of indifferent profiles? We heard you! Qualité matchmaking is highly selective, sophisticated and focused on your unique persona, and you will see only what you really want to see.


Wait, that's not all. Match is just a beginning

Ever heard the term "it comes with whole package"? Unlike the other indifferent dating apps, our journey of Qualité dating doesn't end at finding you a match. It starts there. Introducing Redcake Us, from setting up your dream dates to organizing exclusive events for you, we are there with you at every step to make your lives happier everyday. 

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